Important news of the company and financial market


A large financial institution occupied 55% of our mining capacities. of more than 7,425,000 GH / s. Have time to take the remaining 10%!

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Users in over 70 countries have already chosen Primex. New mark 4000 active investors! We collected statistics from the top 24 countries that are currently investing in Primex and world map.

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Do you know about the profitability of Primex? Not?! - read again and open a deposit! For everyone who is already working with us, we have issued a profitable share.

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Primex announces investment in the CIS. Russian language added to company website. We received a lot of requests from Russian-speaking users to add Russian site localization..

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The BTC / USD rate declined in the course of European trading. At the time of publication of this material, BTC / USD is trading at 6.901.2, losing 1.66%.

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During the year, Primex conducts a number of events, including meetings, conferences, training, presentations and incentive trips.

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What is bitcoin and what determines the value of bitcoin? Bitcoin, like ordinary currency, can be used to buy goods and pay for services, both in the real world and on the Internet.

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Huobi Launches Stock Exchange in Australia. The Chinese currency exchange Huobi confirmed the start of trading on its new Australian platform, which began July 5.

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